“LITZ” Wellness is a medical weight loss and wellness program developed on a basis of Harvard University recommendations .and supervised by a board of consultants, consisting mostly of David Tvildiani Medical University graduates practicing obesity medicine, endocrinology, and general medicine both in Georgia and the United States.


This is a very important component of the program, which changes your behavior towards a healthy way of living. A team of Medical Doctors, Psychologists, technicians, and personal trainers are involved in this process. Most skillful professionals meet and talk to guests both in person and via telemedicine.

Medical Therapy

According to the guest's medical condition, different nutritional supplements, and if needed, medications are administered. The therapy is closely supervised by a medical professional and followed up even after leaving Litz Resort.


Diverse Georgian and European food is administered individually by a nutritionist and prepared from organic ingredients by an experienced team of chefs. Getting only healthy food is one of the components of the detoxication process. Eligible guests can also get the bowel cleansing procedure with the most contemporary computer-based equipment.


Dosed-intensity physical activity is one of the main components of our program. An experienced trainer chooses and personally supervises exercises.