Medical Aspects of Wellness, Detox & weight loss 10-12 February

The Georgian Medical Tourism Association held a  Conference: “ Medical Aspects of Wellness, Detox  & weight loss”. The Conference was held in “Litz Resort”, Kvariati, and featured Medical Professionals  From Tbilisi, Batumi ( Georgia) as well as Columbus ( Ohio) and Boston (Massachusetts).

The opening ceremony was held on February 11, at 10 am. A welcome speech was given By Dr. Dimitry Tvildiani – President, of David Tvildiani Medical University;

Following articles were presented during the morning session:
  1. Obesity leading to Diabetes Mellitus: – Prof. Ramaz Kurashvili – Director, National Scientific Center  for Diabetes;
  2. Obesity as a risk factor for Hypertension: – Prof., Zourab Pagava – Chief, N. Bokhua Cardiovascular Center
  3. Obesity and Endocrine problems: – Prof. Maia Khubua, Tbilisi State Medical University
  4. Maternal Obesity – as a risk factor of pregnancy complications; – Prof. Natalia Asatiani
  5. Allergy and obesity: – Prof. David Telia – Director, Center of Proving Medicine;
  6. Cognitive Behavior and Obesity – Prof. Nino Menagarishvili – Medical Director, French Psychotherapy Center in Georgia
  7. Psychological Causes of Obesity in Children – Dr. Rusudan Sturua, Clinical Psychologist of “Kamara” Psychology Center.

After the Lunch Break, 2 lectors From the USA Shared Their experience with Georgian Doctors:

  1. George Tourabelidze, MD, professor at Washington University School of Medicine spoke about “Statistics of obesity in Children”, and
  2. Mariam Lipartia, MD., Professor, talked about “Modern approaches to weight loss and wellness in the USA”.

Following Doctors took part in the Conference:

  1. George Imnadze – Cardiology
  2. Tamaz AreShidze – Cardiology
  3. Manana Esaiashvili – Endocrinology;
  4. Nino Zavrashvili, Endocrinology
  5. Natia Margvelashvili, Endocrinology;
  6. Thea Khurodze , Rheumatology;
  7. Manana Gogoli – Bariatric Surgery
  8. Nino Gakhokidze, Rheumatology;
  9. Nino Eloshvili – Nutritionist;
  10. Eka SHeshaberidze – Rheabilitologist;
  11. Natia Shonia – Nutritionist;
  12. Qeti Chanturishvili – Endocrinology;
  13. Qetevan Gvazava – Endocrinology;
  14. George Bokuchava – Director, French Psychotherapy Center in Georgia
  15. Natia Panjikidze- Psychology
  16. Ana Eradze – Internal Medicine;
  17. Alexander Telia – Internal Medicine
  18. Mariam Meldaze – Internal Medicine, Balneotherapy;