June 9, 2023

Visionary Georgia Medical Tourism Alliance Successfully Hosted the 1st Medical Tourism Forum, “MEDEA” at Litz Resort, Batumi

By June 8, 2023

Georgia Medical Tourism Alliance successfully hosted MEDEA, the first Georgian Medical Tourism Forum from 2nd-4th June 2023 to showcase the best of Georgian medical tourism. Dr Prem was invited to deliver a special speech on the Opportunities and Challenges of Medical Tourism in Georgia.

Visionary professionals, experts, and other guests from fifteen countries graced this forum.

This was a much-needed conference for Georgia to unleash its tremendous potential in medical tourism and set on a transformative journey.  The venue was grand – Litz Resort in Batumi which offered a superb staying and networking experience.

No words of praise are enough for Dr Paata Ratiani and Dr. Dimitry Tvildiani whose unwavering efforts and outstanding hospitality made MEDEA a great success. Everybody felt at home. A great camaraderie prevailed throughout.

MEDEA – The Agenda

The agenda is to showcase Georgian medical tourism at the global level and establish Georgia as a prime medical tourism hub in the Transcaucasian region. Decades after the Soviet Union split, Georgia remains oblivious to the world despite its appreciable economic growth. People are not aware of how Georgia is advancing and what the country is offering.

This East European country has been a great tourist puller for a long time. From the medical tourism perspective, Georgia has few standout features that other destinations do not have.

The panel discussions and talks pivoted around Phage Therapy, Wellness and Detox, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, and Hair transplantation. With upgraded healthcare services and wellness products, it is looking forward to earning a respected position on the global medical tourism map.

Georgia – The Rising Star in Medical Tourism 

A lot of factors are in favor of the growing medical tourism in Georgia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia, Russia, and West European nations, Georgia has the potential to offer transformative medical tourism and wellness experiences to many.

The country has made significant advancements in cardiac surgery, eye treatments, ART services, dentistry, aesthetics, and plastic surgery. Patients from bordering nations looking for affordable treatments and convenient travel prefer Georgia. The top source countries are neighboring CIS countries. Patients also come from Israel, Russia, Belarus, and Middle-East nations for cosmetic surgery and dental treatments.

A relaxing post-treatment recovery is a lookout for most medical tourists. Georgia’s highly developed recovery and rehabilitation resorts set in amazing natural landscapes give a competitive edge. It not only facilitates faster recovery but also helps in improving overall well-being through pleasurable activities.

The renewed interest in Phage Therapy to combat drug-resistant infections has created further opportunities for Georgian medical tourism. Georgia has been one of the few countries to apply Phage Therapy since 1923 when it was a part of the Soviet Union. Eliava Phage Therapy Center is one of the globally leading institutes dedicated to Phage Therapy since 1923.  Patients from different corners of the Soviet Union and some European countries used to visit this center to treat serious infections.

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